Ferguson Valley

We are a creative collection of top rated filmers, photographers and editors working at international level and work produced world wide. Our work can not only be found in weddings, but working for commercial, corporate, TV, sport, movies and various channels internationally and holding various awards.

True Love Story

So where does True Love Story come from? We love working in the media industry and the challenges that it faces but what is more important is the story something tells. We believe strongly that any work done has a story behind it, not just any story but a story that should be told for centuries to come and reflected upon and a wedding is a perfect way of expressing this. Our films and photographs depict a story of love and we strive to show this in our work. At the end of the day we do not just want to hand over a bunch of images and film to you, but rather a story that tells of a love so strong it echoes through the generation of families to come. Given the opportunity we will capture your perfect day and tell the True Love Story and how it was. Two people in love coming together with a love so pure is just beautiful.

Who we are

Mark Clark is the owner and founder of True Love Story here in Australia. Andrew Shepherd (originally from the UK and renown for producing some of the best wedding films in England). Newly featured and upcoming we have Cian Salmon who is doing an internship of film with us and excited to have him onboard this unique creative team! We bring with us exceptional skills to the table with a great eye for what we do. As a team closely working together we got it covered on your special day so you don’t have to worry about a thing just enjoy our good company!